Picnic at Hanging Rock

The official Moke representation for the day.

They spent a lot of the day walking around to each others cars and then leaning on them.

It was the annual Macedon Ranges & District Motor Club "Picnic at Hanging Rock" event. There were cars from arsehole to breakfast time. All different types and styles. More than 1500 of them plus motorcycles, buses, trucks and even stationary engines. They've been turning up this time every year for the last 16 years. It's a big show.


The action team

Look, they're a pretty casual mob this moke lot. No stress, no fuss. Just pack the esky and get out there.



The setup

This small tent made the site look like a used car lot.



And when you are sick of talking to the people you are with - you get on the mobile.


Special signs

The red plates were well in keeping with this car.

Notice the signs. They were on almost every car. They say "Look but don't touch" One moke had it modified to read "Look but don't push your fingers into the rust".



People sitting under umbrella's seeking shade possibly to write up a trip report. We know it would have started with "It was bloody hot".

Walking around in 40deg heat is only for mad dogs and car lovers.


The obvious (maybe)

Notice the sticker on the windscreen. It says "Moke". When you think about it, there is probably a whole generation that doesn't know what these things are.


Swank Moke?

This is not a moke. This car is simply here because somebody we know is very, very keen on Sunbeam Tigers.



This car is also not a moke. People with very long memories will remember that it's a Triumph. The Aussie (you can tell by the hat), was lost and the Frenchman was helping him find his way. We don't know if it was where they were heading but they ended up visiting the moke site and comparing cars. Apparently the Triumph has four extra doors and a boot.


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