History of AMZ22Y

This short history was taken from a Moke in the "My Moke" pages (where there are some excellent pictures). Only 3 or 4 of these Mokes were ever made. This one has Triumph Herald rear suspension. 4WD is engaged by a dog clutch lever beside the handbrake.

4x4 Prototype - made in sydney by Leyland. This car was put together as a possible model to sell.

Body pressings were wearing out and so the new pressings were designed to allow for 4WD. 1981 gearshift moved so prop shaft could run down centre of car. My car was to prove that it could be done. This Moke was then used as the workshop hack to deliver parts etc, around the factory then finally striped and put into crates with the blue prints - found its way to Adelaide and reconstructed.

This car was then driven around Australia a few times until the body fatigue and cancer retired it. Body number 3 was then found and the mechanicals were transplanted where by I found it for sale and bought it sight unseen and drove it home from Adelaide to Sydney. The engine was totally worn out, no lobes left on cam shaft, compression down to 70lb's.

Now it has a rebuilt block and fully balanced including clutch. It is a unique part of Leyland's history and I have met with those that designed it. This may not be totally correct but this is the story as I know it.

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