2007-11 - Make a Wish Christmas Party
It's exciting, action packed and at the end of it, it makes you feel really good
2007-10 - Club meeting - With the Chinese Moke
Plus talking to the Crime Department about registering them
2007-08 - Pre Trip Service
Getting Mokes ready for trip up the centre of Australia
2007-04 - Anzac Commemoration March
A proud day attended by many
2006-11 - Make a Wish - Xmas Party
The best "Feel Good" event you can take a Moke to.
2006-04 - The Moke Muster
Without doubt, the biggest thing to have ever hit our Moke calendar.
2006-02 - Service day
Another engineering experience to be remembered.
2006-02 - Macedon Ranges & District Motor Club "Moke Picnic at Hanging Rock"
Like most car shows, it's getting bigger. More cars, more interest (and better organized)
2006-02 - Club meeting - Shiny Moke
The new year is well underway and shiny Mokes are the order of the day.
2006-01 - 2006 RACV Great Australian Rally
A whole bunch of cars that are just a little bit more expensive than a Moke.
2006-01 - Bay in a day
A days cruise around Port Philip Bay.
2006-01 - Ulupna Island
This year it was extra good fun. All seasons and all manner of events.
2006-01 - Club meeting - First meeting of the year
New Year, new Mokes, new ideas, it's all changing.
2005-11 - Make a Wish Christmas Party
The biggest feel good event on the calendar and this one had a real turnout.
2005-10 - Sandown show and shine
Were they polished enough? We put the question to you.
2005-07 - Model Train night
It was the last time anybody would be able to visit a lifes work.
2004-12 - Club meeting - Santa shows up
The last club meeting of the year where Santa becomes a bigger star than the Mokes.
2004-11 - RACV Wings and Wheels
Aircraft, Mokes and other mobile things. What a great day.
2004-09 - Club meeting - grease guns
Young lady tries to flog grease oil distribution systems.
2004-08 - Service day
You break em and these guys help fix em.
2004-02 - Hanging Rock
Another car club day out where they jamb a paddock with more cars than you ever expect.
2004-01 - Ulupna
Great run with an excellent camping spot. Hot but fun.
2003-08 - Rambling Visit
They journeyed across the land, kicking tires and talking tech. Did it work? Who knows?
2003-06 - Fashion Parade
An odd one run by OFMD for proud owners of shinny mokes.
2003-05 - Poweltown
An old timber town gets a good looking over with a guide who knows his stuff.
2003-01 - Ulupna
Every year at the same spot. It just gets better and better. Not to be missed.
1996-09 - Alpine Toboggan Park
We put all the special kids in the big blue buss and headed for the park
1996-04 - Snake Valley
Big trip, camping, pub visits and pretending Mokes are 4x4
1997-03 - Car racing
Hold tight then plant that foot to the floor. It can be scary
1981-08 - Snow
It's white, it's cold, it's fun

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