Tracktime HQ Racing

A lot of Moke owners have wanted to race something larger (and faster). The chance came in the form of HQ racing.

The crew met at the big Dunlop bridge at 8.30am. It was an extremely chili day (to say the least).

People wanting to drive only needed a current manual drivers licence and comfy shoes because helmets and driving suits were all provided. The others just need to rug up, have a picnic and enjoy watching the drivers find the extent of their skills.

For $60 you got:

  • 2 demonstration laps where you got to see how it was done
  • 1 warm up lap where you were meant to get the feel of the car
  • 5 flying laps where you were allowed to terrify yourself with your poor driving skills
  • 1 cool down lap that involved a lap of the Calder Park International Race Circuit.

or for $30 you got:

  • 3 flying laps as a passenger with one of the race car drivers
  • 2 cool down laps that involved a more sedate cruise around the Calder Park International Race Circuit.

Click here - to see a bunch of rev heads enjoying themselves.

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