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The Mini Moke Club
The Mini Moke Club is one of Europe's main clubs for the Mini Moke. Their aim is to have as much fun as possible and to this end they arrange days and weekends that will keep all members, young and old, happy. They produce an award-winning magazine five times a year, which is packed with archive features, unusual stories, regional reports and a "For Sale" and "Wanted" column. Their spares and regalia sections aim to provide the most comprehensive service to help find that elusive part for your Moke or the right clothing to keep you looking fashionable. The Mini Moke Club is run entirely by volunteers and is open to people of all ages whether Moke owners or not.

The Victorian Mini Club Inc
This club is based in Melbourne. It is devoted to the Mini, and all its derivatives. They have over 700 members. It is affiliated with the Confederation Of Australian Motor sport (CAMS) and, through this, with the Federation Internationale De L'Automobile (FIA). They also have close ties with the Association of Motoring Clubs Inc. (AOMC). They publish a monthly magazine, MiniMag, which features articles about club events, technical tricks and tips and the all important Mini Mart, for buying and selling Minis And Mini parts. A number of people in this club also own Mokes.

The Moke Owners Association (Vic)
Allegedly the oldest Moke club in the world. Without doubt the strongest club in Australia.

The Mini Car Club of Tasmania
The Mini Car Club of Tasmania is an incorporated body that exists to keep the Mini dream alive in Tasmania. They've been in operation since 1964, just three years after the Mini first appeared in Australia. The Club organizes social runs and events, race meetings (They're affiliated with CAMS), a newsletter, and does whatever it feels is worthwhile to support its members.

Vancouver Mini Club
It's ostensibly a Mini club but on a couple of pages they have a good rundown of the Moke.

Please note: There are some "Virtual clubs" in the personal section (below). They are privately run and not incorporated but are still very strongly supported.



Autofan Media
This site is a professional promotion that highlights classic and historic motoring. They have their our own professional magazine, The Mini Experience. Dedicated to all things Mini, old and new. The guy who writes the articles is a professional photographer and writer who has a long and interesting history with mokes.

On-line helpful site full of very quirky suggestions that should be a benefit to Moke owners. Some of the health issues should be taken seriously especially the topic of hearing.



Pistons Auto Parts
Victorian based (Bayswater). They have been helping the moking community, with parts & service, for well over 30 years.

California Speed Supplies
A Brisbane based business that specializes in the importing of used high performance car parts and new chrome accessories from the USA. They have an excellent events page with heaps of automotive events listed. It always seems to be up to date and reasonably comprehensive.

The people at Vintage Wiring Harness produce high quality replacement automotive wiring harnesses for non-current production vehicles (mostly for right hand drive vehicles). The range covers cars from UK, USA, Australia and some European countries. The years they specialize in 1915 to 1970s. They also provide many component items to enable restorers to make their own customized looms.

Moke Australia
They manufacture all Moke parts new and are offering a wide range of new parts that previously have not been available to the Australian Market.  They stock over a couple hundred parts.

Northern Mini Parts
A Victorian (Heidelberg) based business that specializes in Mini and Moke. Plenty of new and used parts. Reco and semi reco engines.

Link Automotive
Located in Mitcham VIC. These guys are front wheel drive specialists. They also wreck Minis, Cooper "S" and Mokes and have a very good understanding of the cars.

Straight Line
Located in Bayswater VIC. These guys are right into motor trimming. They make Moke roofs from scratch and repair old ones. They also do seat repairs as well as custom and restoration work.


Personal pages

A wonderful story about a 1966 Moke that was purchased in 2002 for $ had to be dug out from under a woodpile and the various rats, redbacks and hornets removed before being loaded onto a tilt-tray and taken to its new home. This site also includes some excellent tips with pictures.

Black Douglas
This is an interesting site. It's a profile of a business as well as a showcase for a very shiny black moke that has obviously been a key part of the owners life.

Pinky is a guy who is recognized as one of Australia's leading Motor Show Announcers. He is a former representative motorbike racer who has spent over forty years in the Entertainment Industry. Not exactly professional press but certainly an informative site for anybody interested in anything with a motor.

Brewster Family
Some excellent pictures of a stainless steel moke taken by an avid Moke enthusiast.

Australian Mokes
A virtual club, this one has been around for a while now. Some good pictures and plenty of interesting info. Also runs a bit of a forum at

Oz Mokes
Welcome to OzMokes, another very strong virtual club, where you can ask your Moke questions, talk to other Moke owners and show off pics of your Moke. They run an online chat every Wednesday @ 8pm (EST).

Mokes Australia
A small site that is made up mostly of links we already know. It may grow.

Andy's Mini Moke Page
A pommie guy who like to dabble around with Mokes. He has a number of interesting pictures in these pages.

Peter Shackleton's Moke Project
An ever expanding web page that is one man's journal of refurbishing his moke.

Mini Repository
Very tidy links and blogs run by Haje Jan Kamps. Sometimes Mini sometimes Moke.

Geoff from Geoff's Custom Design Body Works shares his Moke love affair with the world.

For Sale

All Classifieds
Not a big place for mokes but the odd one pops up every now and then

Fairfax Digital run this one. It's their online service and not automatically connected to the Sunday Morning Herald or The Age.

Trading Post
The Trading Post is a registered trade mark of Research Resources Pty Ltd. Most people know it as a really popular "Moke For Sale" site.

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