Snake Valley

It takes just as much time to pack up for a single night as it does for a few nights so, these long weekends are great, especially if you can snag it for an extra day or so.

Sadly, a few people missed this trip because of the weather forecasts.

Mental note - In future, a good idea is to check the weather report and then ignore it because the area around Linton seems to be impervious to all weather forecasts.

The Moke crew camped in a state forest where there are lots of bush tracks, a disused railway line, a few mines and lots of interesting geological formations and stuff.

It seemed all the Mokes were fitted with an after market barking alarm because there were probably more dogs than people at the camp.

Once again everybody was able to use the showers and toilets at the local hall (very swish).

Day two provided plenty of excitement with a trail bike owned by one of the girls. Every testosterone charged petrol head wanted to prove they could do better. As expected, there was a long list of failures (accidents). The endless action was stopped only by the damage to the front wheel.

The pub got it's usual visit for a counter meal and a few games of pool and we also enjoyed a couple of nights around the campfire. All in all, a very good weekend.

Click here - to see a few pics from the trip.

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