2006 Ulupna Island

Ulupna Island beach at 9am Thursday morning 26th January 2006 and the only person on the beach was Wilson (Tom Hanks Co-star from the movie Cast Away).

Ulupna Island is always a great trip. The Murray river has a lovely sandy bottom and at this time of year, the water is always perfect. There is plenty of space to spread out and you get the best of all worlds with a wonderful "Back to nature" feeling.

Each year, the events that happen are different and makes the year special. But, for some strange reason (mostly to do with weather), this year turned out to be extra special.

  • Day one - Australia day. Hot and dry. The day of the "Big Float".
  • Day two - Recuperation day, or was it. Slight rain made it eventful.
  • Day three - Cramming in the last full day before heading home.
  • Day four - Leaving when you don't want to. But an interesting & eventful drive.

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