Ulupna Island - January 2004


Now this is what it's really all about. The crackle of the wood fire. The company of friends and family. The lazy stream of interesting stories. And the smell of burning shoes when someone has fallen asleep with their foot in the fire.


Bigger & smaller kids

It really is the whole family mix sitting around the fire. Some tell lies they can understand and others just repeat what they heard. Regardless, nobody lets the truth stand in the way of a good story.



The one on the left, who shall remain nameless, had just finished throwing the empty packets of previously exploded fireworks into the fire. It became a little more hectic when they discovered that some were still live.



Some just sit quietly beside the fire and plot. Generally it goes along the line of "Who's tent will I move tonight".



They maximize the camping experience by using a factory full of batteries.


Torch users

The fire really does make them look like little devils.


Warm fires

Makes it easy to relax around the crackle of the flames.


Sun Tans

A good camp fire hides even the best of tans. The other main point being that the tan was actually on his son.


Sneaky Buggers with cameras

And so, if you want copies of almost everything anybody did during their stay - this is the man to ask.


Even sneakier

Hiding it behind his boot seemed like a good idea except he didn't want that many pictures of his boot.

He did, however catch some excellent footage of young women running around the camp in disarray and also a shifty old guy secretly switching tents.


The Observer

There is always one bloke in the crowd who keeps his eye out for problems. Mostly because he is at the forefront of causing them. He also keeps his eye out for people who are likely to have a shot back at him. It's a tough life at the top and obviously hell on the nerves because "observer" is a very loose term.


The "Observers" biggest threat

This campsite was continuously harassed by the "Observer". He moved tents, changed position and rearranged items. The two girls involved just kept putting it all back whilst muttering "We have long memories".



The girls have called on the assistance of the old fat bastard. "He will show us what motor parts to pull out of the "Observers" yellow moke" said the girls. Keep your eye on Tracks (the Moke magazine) because there is likely to be a moke going very cheap. It will be missing parts but we know where you will be able to purchase them at a very reasonable price.

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