MOA - Service Day - 29 August 2004

Even before you get in the yard there are Mokes everywhere. They come from all over the country. All sorts of odd mokes. They congregate for one of the monthly service days when everybody gets to walk around, kicking tires and discussing the pros and cons of how to set your moke up properly. This is a great day for anybody with a moke who would like to discover what the unusual plunk noise, or the occasional clump, clump, sound might be. We all know that no noises should occur in mokes, but if they do, this is the biggest pool of experts you will find in the one place at the one time, to be able to help you out. Quite often it's a case of simply, stand back and they will do a lot of it for you (if you want). The MOA is an amazingly helpful club and these service days are worth more than you could imagine. If you own a moke and do not take advantage of the service days, aside from costing yourself money, you are depriving yourself of one of the joys of owning a moke.

A few members are obviously in one of these religious groups that like to paint fishes on their cars.

Plenty of bums in the air as people look under cars.

The back yard becomes alive with Mokes of all shapes and sizes.

Father and son driving team give one another pointers.

The editor always on the lookout for a good story.

One of the specially trained Moke type guard dogs.

A quiet moment when everybody was off having feeding frenzy with the barbeque lunch.

Possibly more advice goes on than work but that's the nature of the beast.

Father and son team decided it was better without the father.

What every team needs, a good supporter.

Some of the (very patient) feminine gender found it interesting to sit around and stare at backsides all day.

Apprentice mimics the master

New golden Moke, even more golden in the engine bay.

Moke with after market car alarm in place.

They'll have a crack at any engine that's handy.

More hands help to get the job done.

But solo helps the concentration.

Carefully packed Moke compartment.

The chef displays his special skills with the tongs.

Chief taster in waiting.

A man specially employed to make Mokes look like a bigger car.

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