Pre Trip service for the Mokes going up the centre

Interested faces check one of the Mokes

A bunch of Mokes are about to travel up through the centre of Australia. The trip planned to take the best part of a month and cover approx 5560 Km's. Starting point to be Melbourne and the end point to be Alice Springs.

  • 6 days up the Oodnadatta track
  • 5 days touring around Alice Springs
  • 2 days at Uluru, Yulara, Ayres Rock or what ever you want to call it
  • 2 days at Kings Canyon
  • 2 days at Coober Pedy
  • 5 days traveling back down the Stuart Highway
  • Endless stops including a couple of overnight bush camps.
  • Several days spent suffering painful stomach cramps with your bum on fire after eating own campfire cooking.

What the day was about
Today was a special service day, meant to be all about checking to ensure the Mokes were in good working order and (hopefully) able to cover the kilometers without mishap.

But the day was upstaged by a very unusual Moke, the SuziMoke.

What's a SuziMoke?


Click here - to have a quick look.


This Moke not going on the trip

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