MOA club meeting 1st Sept 2004

The crowd gathers. The room is abuzz with moke stories of all types. The chairman coughs a couple of times, then stands up and the meeting begins. It's a normal thing that happens first wednesday of every month. A whole bunch of like minded people gather to discuss what goes on and what they hope will go on, in the Moke club.

This particular evening saw the moke club being given a presentation by a young lady with the focus of the presentation about manual and automatic grease insertion devices. It covered: metering, pumps, controllers, valves, hose & cable management, along with grease injector systems.

But the main thing that won attention for the night was the battery driven automatic grease gun. A wonderful device that has the ability to squeeze grease into places almost unheard of and do it with an ease that is beyond belief. Everybody wanted one.

Back on the agenda was the moke muster. It's not on until easter 2006 but the club is asking for submissions of interest. Fact is, this event is going to be huge. Even at this early stage people are starting to get ready. There is notification of a number of people already booked to come from not only other states but also other countries. A few from New Zealand but the real surprises are the ones from UK, Europe and the States. As we said, this thing is going to be huge. The township of Shepparton will really rock on this weekend, with a massive invasion of Moke's. It's the 40th year celebration of the moke and it seems every news paper on the planet wants to be in on it to record the action. Make a point to stay in tune with this one because it's going to be the biggest event on the calendar for a while to come.

The meeting rolled along with all the technical stuff and some wild and interesting stories. It's something you probably have to be a moke owner to enjoy but everybody is always welcome. If you ever get the inkling to purchase a moke, our suggestion is to drop into the club some time. You will get more help and advise than you probably need.

Check out the following picture (this happened on the night). It's living proof that these silly buggers will go out, in the freezing cold, with a torch, just to have a squiz at some bodies moke. They love them.

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