2006 Make a Wish day

One Elf trying to cadge a ride on a Moke.

Elf's, Fairies, Minnie and Mickey, Reindeer and Santa, Police and Fire Fighters, Mokes and Motorbikes, it was the usual Make a Wish day menagerie that turned up to help families of kids with life threatening illness.

The Make a Wish day has become well and truly cemented as a major annual Moke event. It always gets a good turnout and is always well received. This is mostly due to one of the Moke club members who is almost as passionate about doing good, as he is passionate about his Moke (always a great combination). He's a generous individual who works hard at supporting the club in these endeavors.

This year was no exception, a magnificent turnout and another excellent day.

Click here - to check out a few pics.

Please note, this page will soon contain links to images of all the Mokes that were in attendance. Check back to have a good look because there were some interesting sights.



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