Ulupna Island - Jan 2003

Ulupna Island is a popular camping spot on the Murray River near Strathmerton on the boarder of New South Wales and Victoria. It's between Echuca and Wodonga and very close to Cobram. Every year you will find heaps of Moke owners camped along the banks of the river. They enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and comradery formed by swimming, exploring and sitting in deck chairs discussing every topic you can think of. It's a great time.


Now this is the best way stay cool. Remember it was above 40 deg every day.


River debris

Lots of stuff can be found floating down the river. It's entertaining watching it pass by. Lots of it has interesting designs and colours. Some of it changes as the day progresses. For example, some starts off a pasty white colour and then goes bright red.


Wind blown

Some of the stuff that floats down the river is gently blown back up the side of the river to then re-enter the river and float back down again. It's living proof of the cycle of life.



Driven down from their homes by all the excitement, these little guys wanted to be in on the action.

Actually, if memory serve us correctly, it was so hot, the koalas were coming out of the trees in the middle of the day to get a drink beside the riverbank. Some were even staying to sit by the water, in the shade, just to stay cool. It was very hot.


Just another view

Same poor hot little friend.


More koalas

This little buddy was making the most of his hat. He was probably looking for a cool drink or a swim.



There is only so much swimming a person can do before they run out of puff. And this one has definitely run out of puff.


Flat out

Can't get any more enthusiastic or energetic than this.


Posing by the stump

It's such a trendy area. One must always be dressed in the correct attire and standing in a smart yet casual manner.



If it was a fish, it was a bloody big one.


The games go on

Kick it to me, kick it to me, kick it to me.......

Nah, I'll just chuck well past the lot of you.


Dry as

Back on the flat, the only thing growing was thistles and even they were having a hard time of it.


This (bottom photo) was possibly the inspiration for a beer advertisement

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