The new Moke

We rocked up to the MOA meeting to be greeted with this unusual sight. A little red Moke perched on top of a mounting frame bolted to a trailer. So, out came the camera to snap off a couple of pics before looking around for the owner.

Then as we snapped away, we noticed a few slight differences with the Moke. As we clicked more, it became apparent, this was what everyone had been talking about, the new Chinese manufactured Moke.

It was an interesting twist because the reason we had made the extra effort to attend the meeting was because there was to be a guest speaker from the Police to talk about the potential for registering these Mokes.

It was a good meeting with a presentation from the Detective Senior Constable from the Police Crime Department in charge of car theft. Much was learned about the whole aspect of criminal activity to do with car theft and re-birthing as they call it. We also gleaned an insight into the regulations regarding rebuilding Mokes and the replacement of major components such as bodies and the like.

We also received another presentation from the local agent for the New Mokes which was equally interesting. They advised that they had submitted an application to the registration department requesting the new Moke be able to be used as a replacement body for older models. They were quick to point out that this is only a problem in Victoria, so other states (and probably countries) should not be too worried although, they should check with relevant local authorities. It's all very new.

Click here - for a closer look at the new Moke.

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