Poweltown - 2003

Yet another excellent trip with a bunch of Moke people. The trip leader was a guy who knows the area backward. The history. The interesting stories. The out of the way unusual places normally not found in the tourist brochures. It was incredibly informative and very entertaining.

The tracks

Walking the boardwalk. At some stages there were these cool little boardwalks through the undergrowth. Built over very undulating ground with scrubby bushes below.


More tracks

The boardwalks were at times reasonably high off the ground being built over fallen logs and undergrowth. They had chicken mesh nailed on the top to provide a more non-slip surface. Very civilized considering it was about about half a kilometer from the start of the track before you reached them


The old boiler

Not a cute nickname for some bodies wife but simply the front of an old boiler used with steam winches in the timber country.


Boiler top

Rivets, hatches and other clanky steel bits make this an interesting old relic to climb around and inspect.


Wooden trestle bridge

It's large. Extremely large considering when it was built. No longer carries trains anymore. The top has been made into a walking track so that visitors can climb each end and walk across.


Bridge walking crew

A few of the smiling faces that walked across the bridge. An extra smiling team leader at the front. He deserved a round of applause because the day was excellent. He really knew a lot about the area and he spent a lot of time showing it to us.


Bridge dog

This is not really the bridge dog. He is sort of the red moke dog. He just took time out to sit and pose for a photo.


Trestle bridge size

You get a rough idea as to the size of the bridge by the moke parked just in front of it.


Wide corner

Plenty of these wide sweeping views provided plenty of vantage points for a good stop and some observation.



Bit late in the day for a picnic but there had been one, this is where it would have been.



This is the editor. You will all be polite and not ask what she was doing in the bush.

(Before you jump to conclusions, that's not a roll of toilet paper in her hand, it's a camera).

She's maybe not the best photographer of wildlife but she is a bloody good editor.



So this is the way they used to get the kindling up from the shed to the fireplace.



It doesn't matter what goes on or where, there are always a bunch of people who are prepared to observe.


Red Moke

There are always those individuals who want to be ground breaking soloists in everything they do. This is not one of them. He just wanted to drive down wind somewhere.



Could be the start of a new moke. More timber hauling bits found out in the middle of the bush.


Clear ground

This kind of stuff is all over the place if you care to wander around and stumble on it.


Gear driven pulling equipment

This is the equipment the old boiler would have powered. Those pictured are not the original users of the equipment but maybe they could have looked like this (at smoko).



A nifty little lineup at one of the many stops for the day.


Tall trees

A lot of the day spent in the shade of very tall gum trees. Cool but dry. A very excellent trip.

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