Largest load ever towed by a Moke

As far as we are aware, this is the largest load ever recorded being towed for a substantial distance down the highway behind a Moke.

It was well in excess of 1,500kg and traveled 316km's at speeds of 100/110k. The items being towed included the following:

  • Steel trailer
  • Upright steel frame piano
  • Upright wooden pedal organ
  • Cast iron wood burning stove
  • Push bike
  • Lounge suite
  • Steel safe with concrete filled walls
  • Wooden cupboard
  • Cardboard boxes of books
  • Other assorted junk

What was most impressive was the way the Moke handled. Admittedly, it took marginally longer than normal to get up to 100/110k but once there it sat on the road extremely well and never faltered. Testimony to the short distance between rear axle and the hitch point.

Aside from the requirement to allow a reasonable distance for pulling the thing up, the Moke handled the job with absolutely no problems at all.

It did several other large loads for the same distance but this one was probably the biggest.

The cast iron oven and concrete/metal safe can be seen strapped to the draw bar to offset the pedal organ tied on the back of the trailer.

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