A little bit about this site

We have been involved with Mokes since back in the seventies. We've had them up in the snow, down at the beach and everywhere in between. There aren't many places we haven't put a Moke.

We have been involved with other Moke owners for a lot of years now and although the personalities and character traits of the owners may vary, the little tin box of a car never does. It has for a very long time, remained the cutest, most "Take me home" fun machine ever made.

We started this site in 2001 as a few pages hosted free by an especially kind provider (gearplus.com.au). It has been through numerous upgrades over the years including colour and style changes. There was even a time when it was green and gold (MOA colour's at the time). On 29th June 2004 we gave it a new home at OFMD and it has remained there ever since.

The motivation for the site was simple. When we started, there were hardly any sites depicting what we viewed as promoting light hearted fun with Mokes. There were a few small sites but they were mostly aimed at the technical aspects. Not everybody who owns a Moke wants to be a mechanic. A lot just want the excitement of driving the car. So we decided to build a site that was constantly being updated with a focus based more on the fun aspect.

These days, on the web, there are heaps of Moke sites. Seems every man and his dog wants to become Moke central. And really, that can only be a good thing for Mokes. It means there will be more variation and options for people to choose. We look forward to this site becoming just one of hundreds dedicated to the champion little marque that is Moke.

You are the people that provide the enthusiasm to keep this site running (our hit rate counter certainly shows that). We look forward to your continued comments and suggestions and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your fantastic support.

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